Simply the best brands

Simply the best brands

in quality Australian made carpets

Carpet never felt so soft...

Carpet never felt so soft...

softer feel carpets...

by Godfrey Hirst

Carpets from top brands!

Carpets from top brands!

many ready to install today!

many ready to install today!

Showroom 67 Wollongong St Fyshwick

Luxury wool carpet SALE...

Luxury wool carpet SALE...

Stock sellout! SALE!

Stock sellout! SALE!

These prices cannot be beaten.

Budget and rental carpets...

Budget and rental carpets...

in stylish looks with stain resistance!

Our installers are ready and the stock is here...

For a beautiful new look...

For a beautiful new look...

Get a quote today!

Get a quote today!
Have you considered CARPET TILES?

Have you considered CARPET TILES?

Cheap and commercial solutions from only $4.75

Cheap and commercial solutions from only $4.75

Wholesale prices!

Carpet Factory is the regions largest carpet and flooring stockist and Canberra's Original owner operated flooring store! We make our own flooring brands, budget friendly and better than the rest. Come in and see our quality products on offer today!



At Carpet Factory we can provide both supply only

or fully installed carpets and flooring!

We also supply wholesale to trades and wholesale direct to the public.

Brand New 2021 wholesale stock is available now!!!




Please follow current Government guidelines when visiting store. Hand sanitizer is available at the roller door entrance and at the checkout.


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Wholesale stock specials ON NOW! Choose from our rug range rated in Australia's top 10 rug stores. Also save up to 70% from our competitors with true wholesale prices from our exclusive ranges of carpet tiles, timber flooring, bamboo, waterproof vinyl and waterproof hybrid flooring. Don't pay more for less. And yes, our wholesale flooring ranges are all available direct to the public!!! That means You! (Please Note: Stock specials are usually 30% to 50% off RRP for carpets - Wholesale flooring and carpet tile stocks are usually about 25% to 70% off competitors equivalent RRP.) Please note most of our custom exclusive flooring is manufactured to a higher standard than most leading brands. For this reason some discounts are rough estimations only. Because all our specials are in stock there is no hidden shipping fees or misapplication of quality by showcasing higher quality samples than what you, as the consumer, get delivered. All our stock is on site and what you get is what you see. For example our Blackbutt and Spotted Gum timbers are not prime grade samples in a showroom that end up being ABCD grade on delivery. Our pallet stock is on display and verified true Prime Grade (the best you can get). Come and see it, see us and save money & headaches.


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Carpet Sale...

Luxury soft carpets, wools, and stainmaster carpets on sale with many great reductions now in store! However, after a recent price check and exchange rate fluctuations we have noticed many of our other stock carpet prices are close to and often cheaper than wholesale prices. Do yourself a favor and get a quote on well bought stock. We have many carpets, including wool carpet, selling cheaper than manufacturers can now supply them.

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Get a quote today // Anton - Manager Owner since 1971 

Carpet from these famous brands and many more...

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Carpet Styles

b_640_207_16777215_00_images_carpet-styles-canberra_carpet-styles-types-canberra-banner.jpgCarpet Pile Styles



Carpets are available in various pile constructions.

The most common form of domestic carpet is the cut (plush or twist) pile.

The most common form of commercial carpet is a loop pile.

Loop piles are comprised of an uncut continuous loop of fibre and tend to be a harder wearing construction.

Plush (or twist) piles have had the loops in the pile cut during the manufactureing process, giving a softer, richer feel and comfort.



b_300_268_16777215_00_images_carpet-styles-canberra_carpet-styles-types-cut_pile_plush-primary.jpg"Plush" is a cut pile carpet that offers a plush, almost velvety finish. Each tuft is cut at the same height to create a luxuriously smooth finish. Plush pile carpets often show shades, adding to the character of the carpet.








  • Plush piles are are available and peform best in pure Nylon stain treated fibre, and high content Wool Blend fibres.
  • an 80% wool mix tends to be the best peformer in a wool blend, as the synthetic mix in high end wool blend provides strength and locks the wool fibres together in the cut pile, without compromising the excellent peformance qualities of the high wool content.


Sisal / Cord / High Low Loop

b_300_268_16777215_00_images_carpet-styles-canberra_carpet-styles-types-multi_level_loop-primary_1.jpgYarn is left in a loop, and is not cut to open tufts. As the name suggests the loops of the carpet are in rows of varying height, providing a stylish textured appearance that is durable and hard wearing.









(Please note, the name Sisal comes from natural woven plant fibres of sisal flooring, however it is now more comonly used to describe Sisal Look, or (high-low loop) Cord carpets made, not from sisal yarn, but from wool or synthetic fibres.

  • Sisal/ Cord Loop piles are avialable in pure wool, 50/50 wool blends and pure synthetics.
  • Pure wools cords are the best peformers in the long term, and are one of the most common forms of top of the line commercial carpets.
  • 50/50 wool blends are the alternative to the luxurious pure wool look, without the higher price tag.
  • and synthetic Sisal loop piles (most commonly made from polypropeleyne) are an excellent choice for rental propertys. Due to their stain proof druable fibre and tendency to steam clean well poly sisal carpets clean up well for the next prospective tennant.


Loop Pile

b_300_268_16777215_00_images_carpet-styles-canberra_carpet-styles-types-level_loop_pile-primary_1.jpg"Loop pile" yarn is left in a loop, and is not cut to create open tufts. All loops are of equal height, providing a comfortable finish that is durable and hard wearing.









  • loop piles are avialable in pure wool, wool blends, and pure synthetic fibres.
  • Pure wools loops are the best peformers in the long term, and are one of the most common forms of top of the line commercial carpets and domestic carpets.
  • 50/50 wool blends are the alternative to the luxurious pure wool look, without the higher price tag.
  • and synthetic loop piles (most commonly made from polypropylene) are an excellent and cheaper choice for rental propertys and commercial applications. Due to their stain proof druable fibre and tendency to steam clean well poly carpets (like poly sisal) clean up well for the next prospective tennant.
  • poly loop commercial carpets are often found in heavy traffic commercial areas like video stores and the like.


Cut Twist Pile

b_300_268_16777215_00_images_carpet-styles-canberra_carpet-styles-types-cut_pile_twist-primary_1.jpg"Twist" is a cut pile carpet that provides a rugged surface texture. Two or more yarns of fibre are twisted together, leaving each tuft of the carpet with a twist, adding texture, character and wearability to the carpet. Twist piles retain the softness and plush feel of a plush pile however the over twisting of the yarn helps hide the shading velvet look of a plush pile.







  • Twist piles are avialable in high quality high wool blends (80/20) wool blends (50/50) and pure synthetics.
  • Twist plies are most commonly used in domestic purposes and are popular in both hugh end wools and pure stain treated nylons and



Cut & Loop Pile

b_300_268_16777215_00_images_carpet-styles-canberra_carpet-styles-types-textured_loop_cut_pile-primary_2.jpgA combination of low loops and high cut pile provides a sculptured pattern within the texture of the carpet.










  • cut & loops are avialable in various fibre combinations and vary greatly in styles and peformance.


For the best strength and durability, Choose loop pile (Loop pile pure wool is generally considered the king of carpets for durability maintanence and retaining long term appearance)

For easy clean choose stain treated nylon.


All other fibres (poly based fibres) will crush and not bounce back like a wool or good quality nylon will.


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