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Notice: Product procurement interruptions. Notice: Product procurement interruptions.

We will be closed for product procurement and factory meetings for the week from Monday March 25 to Friday March 29. Regular business hours will resume from Saturday March 30. Keep an eye out for our new wholesale products coming soon after... Wholesale prices from our exclusive current ranges of flooring continue from March 30. Don't pay more for less. And yes, our wholesale flooring ranges are all available direct to the public!!!






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Carpet Factory has the largest rug display in the region. With thousands of rug designs on display in 2 large showrooms, we have rugs to suit every budget and taste.  

With modern designer rugs in woven and hand made designs to traditional handmade persian, oriental and silk rugs you are sure to find the right rug to compliment your home...

We also have exclusive machine washable rugs perfect for protecting floors from spills and mess.

With far too many designs to document on our website, we encourage a visit to our showroom to see the full rug range in store.     

Thanks for visiting  // Anton - Manager Owner since 1971 

Standard rug Sizes

When choosing a rug for your home, the most important consideration is what size best suits your needs


Rugs are available in standard sizes designed to suit common areas and purposes. Here is a guide to standard rug sizes and their most common uses:

Standard rug sizes...

Scatter rugs

  • various sizes
  • suitable for hall, doorways, entrys, infront of chairs and anywhere excessive wear to floor coverings occur.

b_640_278_16777215_00_images_rugs_rug-sizes-standard-sizes.jpgThe above sizes are standard sizes. Some rugs bay be a little larger or smaller than these sizes.


We find the following sizes to be the most commonly found variants in this size range:



Small rug

  • 1.2m X 1.7m
  • suitable for Small couch setting, entry, bed or dorm rooms, kitchen etc.
  • We find the following sizes to be the most commonly found variants in this size range:

    1.2 x 1.7 m  - 1.15 x 1.6m - 1.1 x 1.6 m

Medium (Standard) rug

  • 1.6m X 2.3m
  • Suitable for two-three seater couch setting, beneath coffee table, in Lounge or family rooms. beneath dining table (2-6 seat).
  • We find the following sizes to be the most commonly found variants in this size range:

    1.7 x 2.4m - 1.6 x 2.3 m - 1.55 x 2.25m - 1.5 x 2.2 m


Lage rug

  • 2m X 3m
  • Suitable for beneath dining table (4-8 seat), in lounge or family rooms, in rumpus or home cinema room, beneath bed .
  • We find the following sizes to be the most commonly found variants in this size range:

    2 x 3 m - 2 x 2.9m - 1.8 x 2.7m


EXTRA large rug

  • 2.5m X 3.5m
  • Suitable for Beneath dining table (6-12 seat), in lounge or family room, rumpus or home cinema room.
  • We find the following sizes to be the most commonly found variants in this size range:

    2.5 x 3.5m - 2.2 x 3.2m


Super size rugs and Custom Designs - these larger rug sizes may be subject to stock availability or we can custom make lerge rugs to your specifications

  • 3m x 4m
  • 3m x 5m (limited availabllity - Custom made sizes also available)



Other standard rug sizes

Runner (factory pre-finished)  

see a preview of 100+ runner designs we have in store - click here 

  • (standard) 0.8m x 3m
  • other sizes may also be available (runner sizes may be subject to availability)

Runner (on the roll to cut any length)

  • 0.66m wide
  • 0.70m wide
  • 0.80m wide
  • 0.90m wide
  • 1.0 m wide
  • 1.05m wide (commercial indoor/outdoor runner)

Circle Rugs

  • various sizes in stock (subject to stock availability)
  • small diamater circle scatter rugs 
  • 1.3m diamater
  • 1.5 diameter
  • 1.8 diameter
  • 2m diamater
  • 2.5m diameter
  • custome made circles also available (genarally up to 4 m diamater) Call for details.


  • 0.70 x 1.3m
  • 0.80 x 1.4m
  • 0.90 x 1.8m
  • Plus many other various other sizes available in store.


  • Various sizes


or Visit the Carpet Factory Showroom (click here)


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