• The ultimate bamboo flooring
    • Clean, Green and Safe
    • Jarrah Red
    • Mocha - Scratch proof finish
    • Natural Amber
    • Limed White - Whitewash
    • walnut
    • Rustic Styles.... & more in store...
    • Amber - Scratch proof finish
    • Mocha - Satin finish
    • Indoor air quality matters!

............ Carpet Factory is the regions largest carpet and flooring stockist and Canberra's Original owner operated flooring store! We make our own flooring brands, budget friendly and better quality than the market provides. Come in and see our quality products on offer today!

Diana Barnett - Red Hill Botanical Designs
"Carpet Factory bamboo was easy to install ourselves. The floor has really stood the test of time. With 4 years use in a busy home with 2 boys & 2 dogs it still looks great and is easy to maintain."

Super wide (18cm) and super long boards in spotted gum or blackbutt in the ultimate Prime grade (AB). Wholesale and on site to examine batches.  Don't get stuck with sub par engineered flooring filled loaded with putty filler and paint because you bought from a sample board or a online photo. 

Our new range of ecoplus engineered flooring with real Australian prime grade timber is 14mm engineered to prevent cupping common to solid timber.  With a heavy re-sandable top the ultimate uv matte satin finish that looks a nd feels like silk.  

100% PEFC certified real Australian timber top layer with balances cupping resistant eucalyptus core. The most popular timber floor colours are the rich character of spotted gum and the lighter blackbutt. 

banner engineered spotted gum wholesale best 

Spotted gum wholesale timber in super long wide boards with 5g click locking and waxed edges for water resistance squeak dampening..

"WOW this is the best we have ever seen any where."  Micheal -  (walk in customer).

spotted gum wholesale 14 mm engineered best floor


Pictures to come for the current stock of lighter blackbutt


We recommend viewing in store as photos do not do these timbers justice.

Blackbutt and Spotted gum wholesale timber in store now!!!!

Hurford’s Australian Native Engineered Hardwood Flooring is produced with the knowledge and experience of three generations of processing and drying Australia’s unique Eucalypts.

blackbutt hurfords engineered hardwood flooring hurford

Hurford’s superior kiln drying processes help to minimise lamella movement, preventing potential stability issues like twisting, cupping and checking.
Species in 132mm Wide BOARDS
 Blackbutt, Blue Gum, Brush Box, Ironbark, Spotted Gum & Rustic Blackbutt

Species in 180mm Wide BOARDS
Blackbutt, Spotted Gum & Rustic Blackbutt

Australian Native Spotted Gum NS Timber Flooring Australian Native Spotted Gum NS Timber Flooring1

The Woodlands Collection blackbutt HM Walk Spotted Gum 186mm Hurfords

For longer wide boards please see our range of up to  2.1m engineered spotted gum, blackbutt etc...  

 Canberra's Biggest bamboo flooring stockist

Rustic styles new colours or scratch proof* finish bamboo flooring now in stock. 

Amber Gloss Bamboo Flooring Amber (matte) - oiled (*scratch proof) 

Mocha Coffee - Gloss Bamboo flooring  Mocha (matte) - Bamboo flooring 

Jarrah (red) - Satin bamboo Flooring Jarrah (red) - satin gloss bamboo flooring 

Lime (white grey) - satin gloss bamboo flooring Limed white -- whitewash bamboo flooring grey 

ecoplus bamboo flooring rustic mix best formaldehyde free allergy ecoplus bamboo flooring rustic spotted gum blue gum  

ECOPLUS Bamboo is specified as the

  • highest quality
  • highest strength
  • easiest install system
  • meeting and exceeding the safest production, quality and indoor air quality standards in the world. (as there are no standards in AU we follow the strictest international standards)

This is why so many builders and installers recommend that their customers buy their new bamboo floors from Carpet Factory.

My builder

"My Builder recommended Ecoplus Bamboo. He told me Carpet factory is the place to purchase the best bamboo flooring for my home" 

Kate // Carpet factory Customer

 BAMBOO FLOORING direct from the factory... Now in stock at Carpet Factory.b_640_192_16777215_00_images_bambooandtimber_eco_plus_ultimate_bamboo_the_best_bamboo_flooring.jpg




For  over  15 years we have been supplying and installing Bamboo Flooring in Canberra and surrounding regions.

We truly know Bamboo flooring, and only stock the best available product!

Why take chances with inferior product. Carpet Factory's Bamboo flooring is custom made to our exacting standards and we have the ultimate proven track record in bamboo flooring.  

With new Bamboo Flooring stock arrivals every month, come and see the current fresh batches, in stock and in store Today!



These colours AND MORE

PLUS our exclusive new 100% SCRATCH PROOF FINISH  

in stock and available now!* (*colours limited) 

Now available in ALL NEW  Eco Plus ULTIMATE Solid Bamboo Flooring!

(see in store for current batch samples and new styles and colours)

b_640_231_16777215_00_images_bambooandtimber_bamboo-strand_woven_australias_best.jpg"SIMPLY THE BEST BAMBOO FLOORING ON THE MARKET"


In stock & ready to go!!!

Please note: all our strand woven bamboo flooring is the strongest 1.4 cm thick (14 mm) solid flooring.

(We do not sell the lower grade 1.2 cm (12 mm) product or incorrect species, or immature harvest bamboo, carpet factory bamboo is premium quality)

SW BAMBOO V2.1   V2.4


  • Stronger
  • More Durable
  • Easier to install
  • More Water Resistant
  • Longer lasting
  • Not stained or dyed (coffee, mocha, amber and honey)
  • Available in light and dark colours
  • 14 mm solid flooring
  • Strand woven from high altitude slow growth bamboo for the ultimate structural integrity.  
  • Higher water resistant properties than other bamboo or timber flooring products!*

This is the best available bamboo flooring on the market.

Specifically made and stored for the ACT climate.

We stock all the trims and accessories to do the job right.

Plus have a choice of various qualities of underlay with acoustic, moisture prevention and thermal options to perfectly suit your floor.

And we won't be beaten quality or price!!!

(Come and see us instore for the best price)

This bamboo is spectacular on the floor!!!

With over 45 years of flooring experience, Carpet Factory can supply all the know how and experience to do the job properly.



Strand Woven:-b_263_357_16777215_00_images_bambooandtimber_Untitled-5.jpg

  • Colours: Popular - Amber - Mocha - Natural HONEY, Natural COFFEE, Lime WHITE, Walnut, Jarrah
  • Other colours and more... (see in store)
  • Profile: Full Click with Easy install and a water resistant coating. Full lock (Glueless install)
  • 14 mm Thickness
  • Hardness (Janka Test): 5050 - 5300
  • Finishes: 65% gloss/satin finish (recommended for best long term appearance)
  • Coatings:   9 coat now including double ceramic finish top coat for 10 layers in total.
  • Emission Rating: < E0  (exceeding recommended W.H.O. levels)

Warranty: 25 years Structural (manufacturer backed)
Certiifications: FSC, ISO9001, ISO1400, CE, CARB, SGS

cheapest price on hi grade bamboo flooring in canberra

Photographed under natural day light (56k)*  More colour options available in store*

Green from Start to Finish - More about our strand woven bamboo 9 layer finish.... NOW WITH DOUBLE LAYER FINAL COAT - 10 layer finish.

b_640_568_16777215_00_images_bambooandtimber_formeldehyde-free-COATING-3.jpgWhy Carpet Factory Eco Plus Bamboo is the Eco Friendly Alternative.

Bamboo has gained a solid reputation as an eco-friendly, highly renewable source of material. As a grass, bamboo grows much faster than wood. Moso Bamboo is the primary species used for the manufacturing of bamboo flooring. It can grow up to 47 inches in 24 hours and 78½ feet high in 40 to 50 days. It takes about 3–5 years for bamboo to reach full maturity. Traditional hard woods can take 20–120 years to mature.


  • The major benefit of Bamboo for flooring is that it can be harvested without the need to replant, because the root system is left intact when it is harvested. The rhizome root structure has the ability to hold the soil in place preventing erosion. Rhizome root structures are horizontal stems that grow below the surface and help a plant reproduce vegetatively. Plants with rhizomes will colonize or spread laterally.
  • Bamboo reaches maturity in five years which is the optimal age to harvest. In a sustainably harvested forest only 20% of the forest is harvested annually allowing for 100% harvest in a five-year period. In its natural environment it will need no irrigation, no pesticides, and no fertilizer. Bamboo has few pests so pesticides are not required.
  • Our Bamboo flooring is certified to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international organisation established in 1993 to promote responsible management of the world’s Forests. The FSC certifies manufacturers and producers who engaged in forest management that ensures that the harvest of timber and non-timber products maintains the forest's biodiversity, productivity, and ecological processes. They maintain a criteria for environmental sustainability and social responsibility.
  • Did you know Bamboo can sequester up to 70% more carbon per year than a hardwood forest? 

All these factors keep the carbon footprint low and produce probably the greatest timber look flooring on the market. *(Details sourced from wikepedia and the FSC)


Carbonized Bamboo                      Natural Bamboo                         Lime Wash                                                                                                             (whitewash bamboo flooring)

Photographed under indoor tungsten artificial light (32k approx)*  More colour options available in store*

"i have installed thousands of timber and bamboo floors. The Carpet Factory - Eco Plus  Bamboo flooring is, without a doubt, the best Bamboo flooring I have ever worked with" 

Richard (Wood flooring installer)

Interesting Facts:

  • Our Bamboo Flooring Manufacturer supplies over 3 million square metres of bamboo flooring per year to the USA market alone.  
  • Our Manufacturer is one of the few bamboo flooring manufacturer that complies to Both the FSC Sustainable Forestry Practices and Carb/SGS industry Practices certificates, as well as all other major industry standards and compliance certifications.
  • Carpet Factory deals direct with the factory to allow the best value Bamboo flooring at the highest quality standard available today. 
  • Carpet Factory only stocks the highest grade of bamboo flooring available.  We do not cut corners on our product quality to lower our costs price or increase profits.
  • Carpet factory bamboo reaches the marked with the lowest possible handling and transport. Direct from the factory to our store with the least amount of transport and no double handling.


or Visit the Carpet Factory Showroom (click here)


Customer photos:

Carpet Factory can provide professional installation of bamboo flooring. However most customers will find the it simple and easy to DIY install Ecoplus bamboo. Here are some progress pictures from our customers who have installed the product themselves. 

Coffee Bamboo DIY INSTALL ecoplus bamboo customer diy 1ecoplys bamboo customer diy 2
Canberra/Rustic bamboo





If you would like your DIY Ecoplus Bamboo Flooring project shown on the site please contact us. 



Carpet Factory Stocks Various Types of floating floor/bamboo and timber flooring underlays to suit any application.



Dunlop Thermacoustic is a timber flooring underlay specially designed to offer an increased reduction in sound transfer whilst also providing added moisture and thermal protection.

Application. Dunlop Thermacoustic is recommended for use with most common laminate and engineered timber floating floors where superior acoustic, moisture and thermal protection is required. (Thermacoustic has a sliver foil* thermal lining to improve thermal performance)


Technical Specifications.
Thickness 3.0mm
Roll Length 50.0m
Roll Width 1200mm + 100mm overlap
Roll Size 60 sqm
Moisture Barrier YES +++
Acoustic properties Yes  (Rating= 59 Ln,w+ Ci (dB))
BCA Compliant YES



Dunlop Timbermate is a timber flooring underlay specially designed to reduce sound transfer whilst also providing added moisture protection.

Application. Dunlop Timbermate is recommended for use with most common laminate and engineered timber floating floors.


Technical Specifications.
Thickness 2.0mm
Roll Length 50.0m
Roll Width 1200mm + 100mm overlap
Roll Size 60 sqm
Moisture Barrier YES ++
Acoustic properties Yes  (Rating= 60 Ln,w+ Ci (dB))
BCA Compliant YES


Acoustic Performance.
Recently the Building Code of Australia (BCA) amended the minimum sound insulation requirements for multi-level dwellings to reflect community expectations. The BCA standard requires that all flooring assemblies be tested to determine their acoustic performance.

The acoustic performance is measured in terms that describe the Impact Sound Insulation. The minimum requirement as set by the BCA is 62 dB. The lower the dB result for the flooring assembly the better the acoustic performance of the floor. All of Dunlop Flooring’s timber underlays have gone through extensive testing by the CSIRO to determine their acoustic performance and compliance with the standard set by the BCA. Dunlop’s timber flooring underlays all exceed the standard.


For these and many more flooring underlay solutions, come and see us at 67 Wollongong street Fyshwick.


Convex curved edge laminates create a beautiful look with a subtle curve on the edge of each plank.

This top lock flooring is a classy floating floor that will not trap the dirt and debris or peak on the edges like many laminates often will.

Many bevelled edge laminates have a painted edge that flakes and peels away. The Revolution top locking 12mm laminate flooring has a gently curved edge made from the same material as the laminate surface. This creates a beautiful realistic look that gives the floor beauty and depth. You will love it on your floor.


  • Easy DIY top locking system.
  • Realistic look and feel without the problems associated with bevel edges.
  • No painted edges like other bevelled laminates
  • Rapid install, locks in from the top and cannot come apart with use.
  • Glueless installation.
  • Install over any smooth surface
  • Eco friendly water resistant masonite core (*masonite is considered much more resistant to moisture than hdf or mdf based flooring)

colours : Brushbox, Jarrah, Teak, Kempas, Spotted Gum, Blackbutt



or Visit the Carpet Factory Showroom (click here)




Solid 18mm-19mm Timber Structural Grade Flooring

Carpet Factory's solid timber flooring is a pre-finished solid timber floor that can be installed direct on a concrete slab or secret nailed to a timber or yellow tongue floor or even laid direct on the bearers as a structural floor.



Solid timber stock can be viewed on display in our Factory show room floor at 67 Wollongong street FYSHWICK Canberra.

Some of the species available include:-

Ironbark, Rosegum, Spotted Gum, Blackbutt, Oak, Amarican Oak, She oak, Red American Oak,Tasi Oak, (Tasmanian oak),Bluegum , Tallow Wood, Jarrah, Kempas, Light Kempas, Merbau, Sydney Bluegum, Pacific Brushbox, Limed amarican Oak, Black stained oak, Hevea, Iron wood, Beech, Stringy Bark, Rose gum etc. 


or Visit the Carpet Factory Showroom (click here)


Click lock laminate floating floor , otherwise known as laminate floating floor, is a flooring with a locking tongue and groove edge that is easy to install and excellent for "do it yourself" renovators.

The standard product comes in a 8mm thickness MDF or HDF backing with a standard PU coating.

The deluxe product is 12 mm thick and comes with either a flush or bevelled edge style finish. Floating floor products are laid on a thin underlay around 3mm thick and have a slight springy feel.

Timber Ply Floating Floor , works in a similar manner to the laminate flooring. It is laid on underlay and is usually available in a thickness of approximately 12mm.

The main difference between the laminates is the look of the timber. Because timber is a natural product, the colour, depth and colour variation in a timber floating floor gives a pleasant natural random colour variation and look that will give your home or apartment the feel of added warmth and luxury.

The new Polyurethane coating of today's timber flooring also adds strength and durability to the timber and manufacturers offer up to 25 year warranty.

Timber floating floors are best in tongue and groove form. Click systems with a plywood base structure are usually prone to squeaking.

For this reason we recommend the glue system.

Solid Timber flooring is a 18 mm thick luxury product that can be laid directly onto floorboards, MDF or ply sheeting using (secret) nails and glue.

For the DIY handy person, Carpet Factory also stocks a full range of quads and timber trims for floating floors, laminates and timber floors to suit all our timber and flooring range.



We can also supply quality glues for laying timber look planks and vinyl sheet and tiles, as well as MDF (the new masonite) for laying on timber floorboards.




Please note:- Matching the correct trims and accessories is a service we offer for all our flooring products. We can make sure you get the correct accesories trims and underlays for any floor we supply. Do it once and do it right with Carpet Factory.



Due to quality control issues and failures most suppliers have discontinued click lock vinyl flooring. Many supplier have also discontinued WPC and earlier forms of hybrid flooring.

Click lock vinyl floors and inferior WPC have been replaced by the superior Stone composite Hybrid click lock flooring by most decent manufacturers. Although many inferior hybrids still exist on the market we recommend avoiding these products.

For the ultimate in waterproof click flooring check out the newest generation of highly stable wholesale ultimate hybrid click lock flooring with 30 years warranty and commercial wear rating.. 




All new click lock vinyl timber look flooring.


Installs over any smooth surface.

Easy locking system for DIY Install

Available in 6 colours to suit any decor.

  1. Teak
  2. Ash
  3. Mahogany
  4. Oak
  5. Cedar
  6. Beech



Commercial rated or domestic use.

Water resistant for use in kitchens.

Most other Laminate floors are not recommended for kitchens. These Click Lock vinyl planks are the perfect alternative to laminates. (where water and spills would cause regualr laminates to warp and buckle*)

Other vinyl planks may also be available.

See in store for details





flooring installers canberraCarpet factory can provide quality tradesmen to install all of our timber flooring product. If however, you prefer to DIY, then our staff can provide expert advice on installation, do's and don'ts and all the tricks used to maintain your floor so it last, and looks better for longer.


For more information and pricing, come in and check our current range and in stock specials.

With our bulk pallet purchasing power we have some of Canberra's Best prices on floating floor and solid timber.

Stock is subject to availability and supplied by the following quality manufacturers…

ReadyFloor, Premium Cork, Ezycork, uniclic, Quick step, Gracewood, Erou-lock, Swissclick, Witlock, Witex, Euro-lock, Sunplank and many more

Karndean, Da-Vinci, and more…

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