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Premium carpet tiles from $4.75. Wholesale, custom and many more...

Carpet Factory stocks and supplies premium carpet tiles from leading brands

We also can manufacture exclusive ranges for larger carpet tile projects at a fraction of the cost. 

We stock a ready to go range of the most popular carpet tiles.

We have popular carpet tile stocks available in store at wholesale and discount prices ready to go.

Cushion back and water resistant variations. Commercial rated and all high quality specifications available.  

Carpet Factory regularly supply carpet tiles for everything from small home offices and home gyms to large schools, office blocks and shopping malls. No project is too big or too small!

If you are planning a large project we can custom manufacture custom colours and designs for your project to the correct or better specifications and to your budget (time permitting).

And For DIY loose laying, do not forget to ask about our carpet tile double sided tape for perimeter taping in open areas. It is much cheaper than anywhere else (carpet tile customers only).

Contact us for your future projects // Anton - Manager Owner since 1971 

mosaic carpet tile cheape best wholesale

New pvc backed long grain pattern phthalate free carpet tiles for premium indoor air quality and safety. 

MULTI LEVEL LOOP PP PILE: 520g/sqm ±0.5%

TILE :50 x 50 cm

Total thickness 6mm ±0.5mm (max height 6.5mm)

5m2 - 22 kg (approx per box)

02 1A mosaic carpet tile02 2B Copy Copy





Anti-Static AATCC 134 <3.5 Kilovolts at 21ºC & 20% Relative Humidity


(AS ISO 9239.1.2003)

CRF 8.8kW/m²

Smoke Value 79% Minutes

Colourfastness to Light 6-7 (Minimum mandatory performance requirement for ACCS:5)

Light Reflectance Values Available Upon Request

Stain Treatment Stain Warden®

Biocontaminant Control Bioshield® Antimicrobial Treatment

ACCS Rating Contract Extra Heavy & Duty & Stairs #14004

Warranty 15 Year*

banner the ultimate cushion back carpet tilet the ultimate best ultra tile matrix jet 99 wholesale

New Matrix UltraTile is double cushion / double thickness cushion back carpet tile in durable commercial nylon for super stability and higher fire rating/resistance. 

The double cushion backing is great for people on their feet all day and provides additionally comfort to staff in commercial spaces or in homes for domestic installs. The resilience of nylon also allows better bounce back elasticity and crush resistance than other plastic and synthetic yarn.

In store at wholesale prices!!! Up to 70% off some retail margins.

Ultra Tile construction is generally considered the best quality and construct of carpet tile on the market.

banner the ultimate cushion back carpet tile the best carpet tile you can buy

With eco friendly cushion back and impervious inner core, Ultra Tile is super comfortable on your feet while also being highly water resistant in areas where spills and water are likely.

The matrix design is also well suited to laying linear to achieve a virtually seamless look if required. This is an uncommon feature of most carpet tile designs as they often show up the seams too much if laid in linear pattern.

Please note... Arrow imprints have been made on the back of the tiles to ensure installers can lay the tiles with the pile all running in the same direction or as required by designers or the client.

matrix ultra tile virtual seam less seamless see no joins carpet tile

The 10-11 mm max thickness of this tile provides economical cushion comfort in an eco friendly all in one carpet tile solution.  Building in the underlay to the tile creates comfort not dissimilar to commercial carpets on high grade commercial underlay only in a more economical and environmentally friendly manner. Because no additional underlay is required you also save on the extra labor and material cost of added underlay to achieve a comfortable feel under foot. 

The modular tile can also be easily replaced and repaired in heavy ware areas and places prone to damage or abuse.

Call for stock levels today.   Come and see them in store today. You will not be disappointed. 

 *please note we do not use inferior "PET" yarn in our carpet tiles. PET is low cost but with terrible durability and really not economically friendly as PET surface/pile yarn can be ruined in months even in light duty situations. Matrix Ultra tile jet 99 is 100% nylon pile.  

*virtually seamless look can show up more seams when new and will generally settle in better with time and general use.of the floor.

*Please note: tiles need to be pushed tight to achieve virtually seamless look.

*Area may require non critical light to achieve virtually seamless look and seamless look is not guaranteed in any way by the manufacturer or supplier.

*Virtually seamless look is due partly to the care and skill taken in installation. Installer needs to inspect seams for acceptability during install and may need to shuffle tiles if seams are too apparent.

Note: virtually seamless layout may show seams in areas of critical light or after new installs. Greater care is required in installs to achieve best resilts. Image is for demonstration purposes only. Please test and inspect linear layout before installing and choosing this method. Checker board layout the most common and successfull layout style for most carpet tiles. 

wholesale cheap carpet tiles 

presto cheapest budget friendly carpet tile

presto carpet tile cheap budget premium cushion carpet tilepresto pro cheapest carpet tiles

Presto carpet tiles are a high quality budget carpet tile for commercial and domestic uses. The quality and hand of the tile is quite impressive considering the price. It is comparable in feel to our most popular tile, the Executive A

With a non penetrating pvc backing the presto tile is a water resistant tile that is resillient to soiling and stain resistant.

Available in two variations.

1.The standard variation is a pvc backed 5mm (approx) thick tile and is a 25% thicker specification than other more expensive budget tiles we have found on the market at the time of this listing.

Dimemsions L 500 x W 500 x W 5 mm (50cm square tiles)

2. The cushion comfort Supersoft variation Presto carpet tiles are also available with an added cushion comfort underlay backing for added comfort and warmth underfoot.

presto cheapest budget friendly cushion soft carpet tile cushion comfort

Cushion comfort dimemsions: L 500 x W 500 x H 7 mm - 8mm max height (50 cm square tiles)


cheapestcarpet tile presto presto

Please note: The colour of the tile may vary depending on monitor setting. Tile is a charcoal grey and appears lighter on the floor than on white background here.

The pictures also do not do it much justice and it is a much smarter looking tile than the camera shows.  

Installation can be loose laid or glue install. Suitable for both commercial and domestic install. Popular uses include home gyms, home office, commercial spaces, warehouses, office spaces, rumpus rooms, exhibitions displays and more...

Pile is anti-static, water resistant and soil resistant. Presto is a great all round budget friendly carpet tile.

From critical lignting angles in checkerboard layout these tiles give this look and can fade in an out as you rotate around the tiles. It is quite a stunning effect. The three photos below are all from the same tiles in checkerboard layout from different angles. If you want them to appear all the same you lay the tiles all in the same direction. Direction arrows are printed on the back of every carpet tile.presto cheapest carpet tiles

presto carpet tiles cheapest carpet squares presto carpet tiles cheap

Often these tile are installed commercialy and neigboring shops love the look so much they also order them.

Presto Pro Plus carpet tiles with coloured highlight tiles.

Vivid bright coloured highlights can bring attention to your company logo and corporate colours. Add hotspots to your store and draw your customers in with an inviting stripe or arrow or highlighted area that catches your customers eye. 

Pleas note: Due to the cost of custom manufacture, Highlight (red, blue, green, purple, or orange carpet tile colours) are only available with purchases of Charcoal Grey or Jet black Presto Pro Carpet tiles. Add up to 5% highlights to your order. 

Call to discuss stock availability and options. 

presto plus bright coloured plain carpet tiles

presto plus green lime carpet tilepresto plus orange carpet tilepresto plus purple carpet tile

presto plus red carpet tilepresto plus sky light blue carpet tilepresto plus red blue green orange purple bright colour rainbow carpet tile banner

Presto PLUS Orange carpet tile 03Presto PLUS Red carpet tile 05Presto PLUS Purple carpet tile 04

Presto PLUS Blue carpet tile 02Presto PLUS lime green carpet tile 01 Presto pro Jet Black 10

Presto pro plus multi coloured carpet tilesPresto pro plus multi coloured carpet tiles 2Presto pro plus multi coloured carpet tiles 3



When choosing carpet tiles for your flooring needs you may also be interest to hear about our resilient loose lay vinyls that can join seamlessly and at the same height of many of our carpet tile products.

oak alchemy carpet tile banner

When planning your carpet tile arrangement, you may decide you want an extra heavy duty slip resistant hard floor in designated areas. Loose lay vinyls are 5mm high and sit extremely well with most loose lay carpet tiles without the need for trims or bars between the two types of flooring. So if you require areas of the room to have a smoother finish, a totally water proof area or just a more resilient floor or walkway, ask about our loose lay luxury vinyl flooring options to compliment your carpet tiles.

Our loose lay vinyls are designed fit flush with most our modular carpet tiles to create a stunning trim free finish. Perfect for kitchen dining areas or heavy traffic areas in retail stores. Loose lay is also popular for gym flooring and commercial spaces where the strongest scratch resistant flooring is a must.   

See our luxury loose lay vinyls here.






GP Ultra nylon 6.6 for higher fire rated carpet tiles with cushion comfort backing. 


gowrie canberra primary school CUSTOM CARPET TILE 2

gowrie canberra primary school CARPET TILE gowrie canberra primary school CUSTOM CARPET TILE SCHOOL CARPET 2


The fabulous new Premiere nylon carpet tiles.

For the ultimate In durability and style our new Premire Carpet Tiles convey look of prestiege and class required for any modern business environment. The soft geometry and gorgeous appearance of the Premiere Carpet tile will add a striking contemporary look to any professional environment.

PREMIERE wholesale nylon carpet tile Grey 08

The Premier Tile is also a great choice for easy maintanance in domestic environments and home applications. With DIY easy loose lay installation Prestiege carpet tiles are a superior and cost effective solution for any floor space.

PREMIERE wholesale nylon carpet tile mocha latte 07u

For commercial use under castor wheels and environments where the movement of heavy goods is common, Prestiege Carpet tiles can also be glued to the floor with pressure sensitive tack glue. With hi dimensional stability and a great pattern to hide daily use, this durable premium carpet tile will outlast, out perform and outshine the competition. With wholesale prices call us to get the latest stock availability and prices for your next project.

PREMIERE wholesale nylon carpet tile Stone grey 01

For the larger projects why not plan ahead for custom made tiles. Contact us for options or a quote.

Premiere carpet tile Grey premiere best carpet tiles cheap


For enquiries and details please contact us 62805339 or...







premier carpet tile grey premier carpet tile taupe premier decor mocha latte carpet tile

IMG 2931 

   IMG 2919




flotex carpet tiles Carpet Factory stocks the quality Flotex premium carpet tile. Made in the UK, flotex is probably the best carpet tile on the market for durability, water resistance, cleaning and easy installation.

With a non-porous nylon pile, Karndean tiles are virtually stain proof and any spills can simply be rinsed out by lifting the tiles and washing under a tap, or washed out with a sponge and water. Even red wine,coffee and soft drings rinse straight out. With high waterproofing properties these carpet tiles are perfect for areas where wether and rain are often tracked into a building or where liquid spills are common.

karndean carpet tile flocked grey karndean flocked red carpet tile flotex flocked waterproof carpet tile cheapest cheap grey flotex flocked waterproof carpet tile cheapest cheap grey made in uk backing waterproof flotex flocked waterproof carpet tile cheapest cheap greycheckerboard layout

Karndean carpet tiles are perfect for kitchens and food areas, office and heavy traffic locations, child minding centers, school and public access areas, or even just the converted garage, granny flat, rumpus room or home gym. The flat dense pile is also perfect for areas where trolleys, or wheel chairs are used.

Unlike broadloom carpet, carpet tiles can be installed without expensive tools and years of carpet laying skills, so they're are perfect for Do It Yourself installations. And due to the nature of a tile, Karndean carpet tiles can be laid in areas with unusual shapes like halls and kitchens, only incurring minimal off-cuts and wastage that might arise when using a broadloom carpet or vinyl.

Karndean Carpet tiles can also be loose laid without glue, or temporarily laid to areas and then moved to another location or stored for later use.

Carpet tiles are the perfect option for

  • tenants who may move regularly.
  • childcare areas where spills are likely.
  • laundry, kitchens and bathrooms.
  • owner builders wanting a reusable floor covering that will lasts long and look great
  • or for any area that requires durable the easy cleaning property of a tiles, while still maintaining the warmth and insulation properties of carpet.

flotex flocked flooring carpet tile cheap

Flotex Flocked Flooring Tile

Flotex is the only product available in the flooring market that combines the appeal of a textile floor covering with the practical and hygienic advantages of a resilient.

Flotex is able to withstand extreme wear and castor chair traffic making it a perfect option for very busy locations, such as counter areas, kiosks or child care centres. Flotex flocked flooring products. Flotex is Green Tag Level A Certified, Phthalate Free and manufactured in an SA8000 and ISO14001 Forbo production facility.

Carpet Factory stocks a limited range of Karndean flotex carpet tiles at almost half the recommended retail price.

Available only while while stocks last!

For more information call or request a quote.

For the ultimate in comfort:-

Commercial grade carpet tiles with cushioned comfort Supersoft backing. Suitable for commercial and domestic use, where the perfect combination of durability and comfort is paramount.    

b_320_192_16777215_00_images_carpettiles_grey--cushion-carpet-tile-1.jpg   carpet-tiles-underlay-cushion-soft-ultra-tile.png

Product: Ultra Tile                         Colour: Jet 08

Ultra tile is dimensions Length 500 x Width 500 x Height 8-10 mm multi leevel loop(10.5mm max height)

These tiles can be laid in various configurations.


Commercial grade DIY friendly Carpet Tile Stock Specials.

Designed for high end commercial and office use this carpet tile would normally be out of range of the home and budget user. However, as this is an exclusive range confinded to Carpet Factory, it is actually a more budget friently option than some of the cheapest budget and home carpets. The Executive carpet tile is a Prestige Professional Carpet tile at a great budget price.   

With high quality reinforced dimensonally stabalised pvc rubber backing, the Executive carpet tiles are perfect for both commercial and domestic use. The backing is durable, yet comfortable with commercial grade cushioning that is surprisingly easy to cut and DIY install.

An ideal carpet for home offices and rumpus rooms, home cinemas/theatre, converted garages as well as commercial and home gyms, retail stores and any area that requires a smart, durable, stain resistant insulating carpet solution.  

This hugely popular carpet tile has been laid in the mosh pit of our friends large live band venue in what he calls the mosh pit.  He was really impressed with the performance. Chosen because of the price, design and quality. "So far the results have been fantastic! They clean really well and have not budged"

b_300_190_16777215_00_images_carpettiles_Grey_carpet_tiles_cheap_ls91.jpg b_300_192_16777215_00_images_carpettiles_grey-carpet-tile-1.jpg b_300_192_16777215_00_images_carpettiles_grey-carpet-tile-3.jpg b_300_192_16777215_00_images_carpettiles_grey-carpet-tile-4.jpg b_300_192_16777215_00_images_carpettiles_grey-carpet-tile-5.jpg b_300_192_16777215_00_images_carpettiles_grey-carpet-tile-6.jpg

Executive A - premium commercial carpet tiles.

This vesastile carpet tile looks smart in any layout. The smooth gradient style will help mask day to day debris before the next vacuum, and the rubber backing provides excellent insulation properties.

These tile can be loose laid (in a glueless wall to wall install) over caramic tiles in winter to help keep the room warm and reduce echo noise pollution in open plan areas. Loose laying also means that if you have timber, ceramic or polished concreete finishes, the floor beneath will not be damaged by glue or having to nail smoothe edge to the floor perimeter (as is required in regualr carpet installations).  

Executive tiles also have an "impervious to liquid" backing. So they can be loose laid without the need for glue. This means any spills and marks can be washed out easily by lifting a tile and washing the liquid spill out under the tap.

The modular quality of thes carpet tiles means that if you need a temporary carpet that can easily be moved to a different room later on, this is the perfect solution. 

Pile - Loop

Colour  - Charcoal Grey

Yarn - Solution Dyed

Backing - Easy install Rubber Backing

Suitability - Commercial and Domestic Use (DIY Friendly*)

Size - 50 cm x 50 cm (5 square metres [20 tiles] per box) 

height 5.5 approx (6mm max height)

"The Executive Carpet Tile" Is Exclusive to Carpet Factory






Easy to cut, easy to install, water resistant and stain proof









(colours may be subject to availability)


8mm commercial grade thickness with excellent cushion backing.

50cm X 50cm Carpet Tiles - REDUCED TO JUST $-----?

Call now for the best price!!!

(02) 62805339


Other styles also available in - GREY and BLUE

(other options may be possible)



Discount carpet tiles now available.

Call us for options and stock availability.

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