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............ Carpet Factory is the regions largest carpet and flooring stockist and Canberra's Original owner operated flooring store! We make our own flooring brands, budget friendly and better quality than the market provides. Come in and see our quality products on offer today!

Luxury vinyl and planks

Vinyl planks from $19.99 m2. Wholesale, custom, sheet vinyl and much more...

Carpet Factory stocks and supplies premium vinyls in sheet, planks, tiles and luxury loose-lay vinyl.

We also can manufacture exclusive ranges for larger vinyl and resilient flooring projects at a fraction of the cost. 

We stock a ready to go range of the most popular wholesale vinyl planks, vinyl sheets and tiles, in store and ready to go. Looking for wholesale and trade prices. We have select popular ranges in store today.

For cushion back, commercial rated or high quality specifications, we have options to suit all applications.  

Carpet Factory regularly supply vinyl flooring for everything from home gyms & offices to whole home. We also supply large scale school, office block and shopping mall floor tenders. No project is too big or too small!

If you are planning a large building project we can custom manufacture custom resilient colours and designs for your tender project to the correct or better specifications and to your budget (time permitting).

Our 5mm DIY loose lay luxury vinyls are fast becoming a "go to floor" for home makers, renovators and commercial applications. So come and see our extensive vinyl flooring options today.  Be it direct to the public wholesale vinyl or trade, everyone is welcome.

Contact us for your future projects // Anton - Manager Owner since 1971 


wholesale flooring lvt luxury vinyl planks

bestfloor lvt luxury vinyl colours loose lay planks

These and many more colours In Store NOW!

Bestfloor luxury loose lay vinyl tiles and planks are a top of the line/spec commercial rated vinyl, without the high price tag. 

100% waterproof' and new stocks in store now with 40 year warranty and R11 easy clean commercial slip rating!

best waterproof flooring


Constructed in a wide loose lay luxury planks with moulded (not printed) non slip backing, plus a .7mm commercial wear layer, this flooring is truly first in class.

With over 5 years R+D we have weeded out all the problems and discounted problematic solutions to provide only the best quality and specifications.

With the pristine look of solid timber without the maintenance or worry, Bestfloor loose lay are the perfect choice for commercial floors, homes, kitchens, rumpus rooms, home gyms or commercial gym flooring. In fact Bestfloor loose lay luxury vinyl can be the ultimate choice for anywhere the requires a waterproof resilient floor that is built to last. 

oal alchemy banner luxury loose lay vinyl plank 5mm lifetime warranty

When considering flooring for home or commercial spaces it is important to know that your flooring is not detrimental to your indoor air quality.  Bestfloor is FloorScore® rated and certified (ANSI American Nationals Standards Institute). FloorScore®is the resilient flooring industry leading indoor air quality certification for vinyl floor coverings.  

With a huge .75 mm commercial wear layer and high indoor air quality standards, Bestfloor vinyl planks are a safer, easier and longer lasting flooring choice.

Benefits: Anti slip, uv protective layer, water proof, sound absorbing, heel and puncture resistant, super easy DIY install and repairs and much more...


(please note some monitors and devices and install environments will change the flooring colours and they may appear different to our pictures here )

XL ranges have up to double the pattern variation of regular vinyl flooring and have been developed for species that benefit from the added colour and or pattern range between boards. 

All our bestfloor Ultimate Luxury Vinyls come in the latest trend wideboards only.

Australian Ironbark XL: Classic cosy dark hues of the sought after Classic Ironbark Eucalypt. Perfect for heavy use areas both commercial and domestic. With the classic Australian dark Ironbark plank contrasting with light walls you create that fantastic on trend light dark contrast space.

It's so resillient its also perfect for retail use. Highlight features in a retail space and don't let the floors distract from product and product displays. 

Ironbark is also a spectacular look in homes when you want the look of one of the most expensive flooring but need the ultimate in durability water resistance. It is impressive in larger spaces surrounded by white or light walls. Also great in home theatre rooms where darker flooring is required for less distraction and that cosy cinema feel.      

bestfloor lvt 5m vinyl plank dark brown ironbark walnut

Australian Iron bark red banner vinyl plank loose lay luxury vinyl r11 slip rating cheapest wholesale

Enchanted Forest: For universal appeal and a wide colour variation from beautiful rustic aged wood tones and splashes of grey to suit most colour schemes and adjoining carpets. With aged hints of grey and a wide colour range, Enchanted forest is a striking choice.

enchanted forest luxury loose lay vinyl plank 5mm lifetime warranty banner

Magic Oak: For a subtle colour blend that suits most on trend beige, taupe and medium neutral tones. Magic Oak was named because of its fantastic colour range and its ability to tone in with a wide variety of neutral colours. It also sits beautifully near grey and white surrounding colours. Magic Oak is truly striking floor and probably the best selling wood grain plank (LVT) colours in the world.

magic oak banner luxury loose lay vinyl plank 5mm lifetime warranty

Magic oak pictured below sunlit in a DIY installed home.

bestfloor luxury vinyl tiles loose lay cheapest best water proof wood floor magic oak

Australian Classic spotted gum vinyl plank luxury loose lay vinyls lvp lvt wholesale cheap R11 slip anti slip

Australian Classic Spotted Gum XL: The most popular Australian hardwood flooring has been perfectly captured in AAA Select grade. For that true Australian classic look you cant go past this eternal classic. 

With a perfect match to genuine select AAA grade spotted gum, this has to be the best match to the genuine floor on the market. 

Australian Classic spotted most accurate match to genuine spotted gum

The classic lemon to rich golden sunburst effect of spotted gum flooring has been captured in this amazing plank in our 100% waterproof floor*. With 0% water damage after being fully immersed in water for weeks. And a robust R11 slip rating! It is probably the most durable way to get the classic spotted gum look without the worries of water on timber flooring.

For the look of AAA select grade spotted gum you could pay 5X or more for this classic look floor. Available now!* (while stock lasts)        

Australian Classic Blackbutt XL (coastal blackbutt) :  The super popular Australian Classic Coastal Blackbutt luxury vinyl plank floor. This is one of the best looking designs of LVP we have seen, especially for larger spaces. Now in store in this stunning variable plank design with a very natural differentiation in boards just like real blackbutt.

This floor has to be seen over a larger expanse to appreciate its colour variation between planks. As one of the best looking luxury vinyl floors for areas that require light natural colours for both commercial and domestic use, it is truly a captivating look that will never go out of style. 

Exclusive to Carpet Factory, this extra long design, with almost double the pattern variation of first generation flooring, has fooled even the most discerning that the floor is a true hard wood.

40 YEAR WARRANTY* and now with a R11 Slip rating for commercial use.  You cannot get a better luxury vinyl floor. Wholesale to the public and available now.

banner ultimate best luxury vinyl plank blackbutt black but butt light timber best colour 

  NOTE: This colour is also available in our Bestfloor Ultimate Hybrid click xxl Boards and makes a far superior waterproof alternative to laminate flooring where a click lock floating floor is the preferred install system. 

Australian Tassie Oak: Light and fresh Tasmanian Oak with classic airy feel. The hint of limed frosty white is great to tone in with white fittings and surroundings.

Australian Tassie Oak is perfect for darker houses or commercial spaces that need the ultimate in durability and brighter lighter floor. It also adds subtle hints of light grey white and chocolate in the grain to suit a wide selection of furniture and surrounds.  This neutral classic Tasmanian Oak colour makes for an ageless floor choice sure to see you through all future trends in decor and interior styling.  

best floor ultimate australian tassie oak luxury loose lay vinyl plank 5mm lifetime warranty  

Crystal Oak: A light whitewash white and silver grey wood look with easy clean R11 slip rated finish.

Crystal, ice, super cool and ultra modern. This is one of the coolest and trend setting floors designs you might see on the market. With xl pattern and a spectacular limed white finish, it has an extremely colour neutral hue that will not clash with any wall colour and decor combinations. The natural "limed wash finish" look of the floor has detailed modern highlighting of the chemical white wash without the need for the environmentally questionable chemical processing of real oak floors.

If seeking a white oak finish without all the terrible denting and scratching that oak flooring is renown for, this new design is a sure to be a winner.

For the best view we recommend seeing it in store as no photo can do the colour and design detail justice. In store now!

Crystal oak white light grey lime wash whitewash luxury vinyl flooring r11 slip rating commercial domestic

Note: When considering white and light timber look floors it is imperative that the finish is not difficult to clean. Unlike many commercial slip rated floors, our slip rated floors do not have a sandpaper type finish that can be virtually impossible to clean once grit has embedded into the porous finish. The bestfloor R11 slip rating has embedded grip beads that does not absorb dirt like most other porous grip vinyl flooring.

The slip rating also last longer than traditional slip rated floors that often wear through the thin sandpaper like grip layer in heavy traffic areas very quickly becoming very slippery and dangerous in areas where a slip rated floor is required and or specified.

The grip of these floors is not particularly rough to touch and can almost feel silky. The embedded grip beads technology also really shine with wet contact but do feel much different from many R9 or P1 or P2 or p3 rated floors.  

Oak Alchemy: A mid silver grey wood look with beautiful warm and cool hints of colour variation to suit the super popular charcoal look. A truly spectacular colour for a truly modern style.

R11 slip rated for a commercial anti slip rating, it has the latest technology without that sandpaper like finish that is impossible to clean and wares away rapidly to a very slippery floor. It remains easy to clean and smooth to the touch similar in clean and feel to regular (slippery when wet) vinyl.

Alchemy Oak looks really smart in modern themed rooms. The grey aged oak driftwood style elegantly compliments most modern theme decor.   

oak alchemy banner mug 


Ebony Oak: A dark black/grey/charcoal silky wood with silvery white silky wood grain this spectacular looking floor is perfect for modern look homes and businesses. A spetacular choice for the most modern taste. R11 slip rating makes it ideal for commercial spaces. Ebony Oak needs to be viewed in person to truly show its true beauty as one of the most striking colours available on the market today.

Luxury ebony oak grey ultimate vinyl planks r11 slip rating


Wild Silk Oak: Possibly the most versatile of modern colours, this striking variable plank floor is the top selling Colour in europe and USA. From silky greys earthy wood tones, Wild Silk Oak is sure to match eny modern decor.  Exclusive to Carpet Factory come and see it in store today. Our "Wild" floor range has the widest variable plank colour in the Bestfloor range.

Luxury Wild silk oak grey ultimate vinyl planks R11 slip rated bestfloor


Wild Magic Oak: With the popular Magic Oak origins the new "Wild" Magic Oak takes the magic a step further with variable plank shades and tones of the newest "Wild" colour range. Combining both rustic feel with the modern highlighted oak grain, Wild Magic Oak is a luxury floor with visual appeal that's sure to impress for years to come.      

 Luxury Wild magic oak grey ultimate vinyl planks r11 slip rating best floor


Iconic Grey: Stone ceramic look Luxury Vinyl Tile with modern sleek industrial look without the cold hard feel of polished concrete.

luxury vinyl serenity stone ceramic look bestfloor polished concreete cheapest

This new range Serenity Stone large format tiles in iconic grey are the perfect substitute to the polished concrete look without the cost or the hard & cold feel of the popular polished concrete floor look.

Achieving a similar look this floor can work out to be less than one third the price of polishing concrete. Available in store now!

serenity stone icon grey banner vinyl plank loose lay vinyls layout

With many feature layouts Serenity Stone loose lay luxury vinyl can be installed in brick, ashlar, herringbone and many more styles. The 2 x 1 dimensional tile is the most versatile shape on the market.

The dimensions of this tile are a little over 45cm x 90cm making it a striking large format tile. The micro bevel edges also help prevent peaking an joins and give a super sharp grout free look that is generally not possible with ceramic tiles.

If you are considering ceramic tiles we recommend you check out the new Serenity Stone Luxury Vinyl Tile as quieter, warmer and more comfortable option. They are virtually impossible to crack and easy to replace in the rare case of impact damage. This is also a very popular option for people who need to cover/repair failed and cracked polished concrete floors or just want the cheapest possible way to make floors look like polished concrete without spending a fortune.     

 Also available very soon, Australian Classic Spotted Gum. Now with extra long pattern format to show off that beautiful wide colour range of the most popular floor timbers In Australia. 

Pictures coming soon    

With top rated wear properties, high dimensional stability fibreglass reinforcement and uv coatings, bestfloor is built to the highest specifications.

For commercial and domestic use. Wholesale prices Available now.

exploded loose lay best floor vinyl layers 900pix wide

For more details and updates contact Carpet Factory for the latest ranges and options.

For project flooring and commercial work we can also provide quotes and tender options.

Best floor luxury vinyl also joins seamlessly with many of our wholesale carpet tile options. 

No trims are required and they look amazing with our loose lay carpet tiles. See our carpet tiles here

oak alchemy carpet tile banner

Pictured Above: Oak Alchemy Luxury Loose Lay Ultimate installed with and Presto Carpet Tile- Grey 03

FloorScore® is the most recognised indoor air quality (IAQ) certification standard for hard surface flooring materials, adhesives, and underlayments. It qualifies for many green building schemes including LEED v4, BREEAM, and CHPS. FloorScore was developed by the Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI) with SCS, and SCS is the exclusive certification body for the FloorScore program.

*with some glue install adhesives may not be waterproof. Check with glue manufacturers if 100% waterproofing is required for wet area installs like bathrooms etc.

*Check install guides for recommended install procedures and consult with qualified installers for best practice.

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